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Redefining Quality in Home Care We are a consistent quality care provider.
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icon address 4713 W 130th ST.
Cleveland, Ohio 44135-3705
icon phone Phone: 216-458-5756
Fax:      216-812-1121
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About Us


Thank you for visiting.

Facing the formidable tasks of everyday in this industry is both taxing and compelling. Going through different characters with different needs necessitate not only experience and adequate skills but also the genuine heart for care and the patience to stand up to all difficulties that the job demands from you.

This has always been the scene each day. But it’s something we go into with proud hearts and happy souls, knowing that we are making a significant difference to people who are in need. Leaving a patient happy is something we would exchange for the hard work and the demanding tasks. Why? Simply because, it is something we know we are destined to do.

In this light, Pacific Home Care, LLC continues to strive everyday with the purpose of carrying out our mission as one.

At Pacific Home Care, LLC, we believe, nothing is more important than helping people live fill, independent and dignified lives within the comfort of their own homes. Pacific Home Care, LLC is dedicated to providing in-home care that enriches our clients’ lives and helps them maintain the highest possible level of independent living.

Our Mission

We are dedicate to providing compassionate, quality healthcare to our clients; enabling them to live with dignity, respect, doing the things they enjoy in a safe and supportive home environment. At Pacific Home Care, LLC, our responsible, team-oriented working environment engenders the personal satisfaction and professional growth of our staff, which translates to enhanced well-being of our clients.

Safety. Providing for the welfare of its patients, family members, and the community.
Courtesy. Respect the privacy, diversity and needs of each individual.
Care. Ensuring health, comfort, and quality of life.
Efficiency. Providing quality services and competent care in a helpful, caring, and timely manner.
Continuity of care. Creating a smooth and seamless experience within.

Our caring, professional staff will visit you in your home to provide assessment, treatment and teaching ordered by your doctor.

We are your reliable partner in giving quality home health care services to your loved ones, whether they are suffering from a disability, an illness, or needing support due to old age. Our doors are always open to those who seek our aid.

Our rates are attractive, competitive, and available upon request.

Come to us. Pacific Home Care, LLC is always ready to guard you with our care. Set an Appointment online so we can accommodate you.